Sweet memories


Hello guys!

It’s been a month or so since I came back. I really enjoyed my stay in London and the the last few week I really wished I could take a moment to sit down on this cute seats.

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Photo’s are made with my La Sardina <3

With Love, Daphne

Hello guys!

I’m obessed with photography at the moment, if you didn’t noticed yet. The last experiments with my Diana Mini failed (the back of the camera fell of, leaving the whole film overexposed, nothing to see), but La Sardina did her job on black and white film.

The result:

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With Love, Daphne

I found my digital camera. I wasn’t missing it, I just didn’t use it. To bad, because there is still a lot to learn and to practise in my opinion.

The photo of the cider bottles is made in my room en today I went to Kensington with it’s high houses and beautiful gardens. I played a bit with the diafragma and the iso. Results:

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With love, Daphne

Lomo London



It’s been a long time! Now I’m in London I’m able to do a lot of photography and I’ve joined the lomography workshops twice now.

First workshop was all about shoot low with the actionsampler, the perspective of a rat.

The second workshop was a walk to a streetparty with the Diana F+, the big mama of my Diana Mini. The dreamy effect was perfect for the visit to Hampstead afterwards.

Here are some results:

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More photo’s to come, have my camera with me all the time and I’m loving it!

With love, Daphne


Jip en Janneke


Heey Everyone!

Yesterday I had a summerparty at my best friends parents house. A lot of neigherbours and family came around and I made a small present for the two birtday girls. I love the small Moleskine Note books (Volant mini) and lately I rediscovered my love for Jip and Janneke (a series of children books, written by Annie M.G. Smith, with black on white figures). I bought two notebooks and draw ‘Knotje’ (a sheep from the series) and ‘Poppejans’ (a doll drom the series) on some paper and converted it to the cover of the books. I painted it over with textile paint and after some ours of drying I used an iron to propely secure the paint. I think the turned out very cute and I think the birthday girls were happy with it.

The pictures:

With Love, Daphne



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With Love,


My new friend


Hi Guys,

My mom bought me a La Sardina, a Lomography camera, and of course I had to test it out! I love the wide angle perspective on both landscapes as close objects. Althought a lot of photo’s turned out wrong, I think I did something wrong with the settings, I fell in love with these pictures! Hope you enjoy it too!

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With Love, Daphne

Hey guys,

(everytime I say this, I’m confused, searching for other words, because the Spanish boys at hockeycamp complaint to me that ‘guys’ sounded like ‘gays’ in Spanish… Anyways, I’ll stick with guys :-))

I went with my two best friends on a citytrip to ‘s Hertogenbosch, a city in the Netherlands. It was a last minute dicision, because it was the last weekend before hockeytraining started again. We were gifted some old diafilms from my godfather, ad which place we stayed. We visited the cathedral, the Sint Jan, and litted two candles on. One for a friend, who died in the shooting at Utøya, and one for the lost of the aunt of a good friend. It felt good and brought stillness.

We also took a boot trip on the Binnendieze, the channels of the city. I love the photo’s I took on our trip!

With Love, Daphne





So, last days I’ve been working on some new things.

First of all: I made a new blog with short stories in Dutch: ‘Mijn wereld‘. Please make a visit and subscribe! I’ll be publishing stories (almost) every day. You can also find the link in the tabs above.

Besides that I’ve really wanted to paint something new, after the success of my t-shirt painting of Wende. I found my canvas pretty soon, because I found shoes in the supermarket for just 3 euro’s. Normally I would never buy something like that (because I think that if you buy shoes, you should buy shoes that are of good quality.  They are very important for your feet and posture!), but I thought: ‘If I fail, it won’t matter’.

I’m very happy with the result again, you can see the pictures below!

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With Love, Daphne


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